Global Sun Drawing

Janet Saad-Cook

The Global Sun Drawing , a work in progress, is a world-encircling work of art Saad-Cook is creating by placing an array of permanent Sun Drawings at six key locations throughout the world. To connect them into a unified work of art, she is incorporating a signature arc of light into each Sun Drawing. As the hours pass, the arc of light appears sequentially from site to site prompted by the earth's rotation and the daily sweep of sunlight. Each Sun Drawing is unique and site-specific, yet each contains the arc of light. Each Sun Drawing is activated by sunlight, a universal component of Saad-Cook's art.

Janet Saad-Cook's vision for the Global Sun Drawing is to express the unity of the human race by showing we all share the experience of the earth and sky. The arc of light passing from site to site symbolizes that each of us is apart of the great earth-circle, all sharing the same timeless cycle of the sun.

Two of the six global Sun Drawings are already in place at MIT's Haystack Observatory and at the Boston University Photonics Center. MIT Haystack Observatory's Sun Drawing begins each day shortly after sunrise. As its signature arc of light is ending, the first glimmer of the Boston University Sun Drawing begins at 10:30 am EST. As Boston University 's arc of light fades near 3 pm EST, another Sun Drawing will come to life at a location along the International Date Line where the time will be 8 am the next day.

The four additional installations will be at the following timelines around the world, enabling the arc to circle the globe each day, passing from one site to the next with the daily rotation of the earth:

-Longitude 180 ° (International Date Line)

-Longitude 105 ° East

-Longitude 35 ° East

-Longitude 0 ° (Prime Meridian)











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