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Archeoastronomy Studies
by Artist Janet Saad-Cook

Chaco Canyon Sun-marking Sites




Summer solstice arrow of light at Wijiji 931,
Chaco Canyon, New Mexico


Springing from her work with the sun, Janet Saad Cook has developed workshops for teachers. Based on the powerful effect the sun has on the human spirit, her workshops link art, science, and education bringing the wonder of the ever moving sun directly into the classroom, inspiring students to learn more about astronomy, history and the creative process.


"The awareness of our human connection, brought to light through our shared experience of the earth and sky, can be a healing step in our journey towards peace.

The cycle of the sun, the experience of the sun's dance with the earth, is constant, and all beings who have ever lived on the earth share that cycle in some way.

Together with the ancients and all future generations, we touch the sky as one human race."

Janet Saad-Cook


What is a Sun Drawing?

27 years ago Janet Saad-Cook began developing a new way to create art by capturing sunlight, shaping and reflecting it as images that change in harmony with the cycle of the sun. She calls this process Sun Drawing.

Sun Drawing is a process that involves the interaction of the light from the sun with the rotation of the earth and highly reflective elements that Saad-Cook shapes and assembles and places in the path of sunlight. As direct sunlight touches the elements, an image of light very gradually appears on surrounding walls or surfaces. The image slowly and subtly changes with the earth's rotation and the shifting angle of sunlight.

A Sun Drawing in the artist's home

Janet Saad-Cook holds a patent for her Sun Drawing work.
"Sun Drawing" is a registered trademark.

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