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Archeoastronomy Studies by Artist Janet Saad-Cook

Documenting a Summer Solstice Phenomenon
Wijiji 931 site

photos © by Janet Saad Cook, 1983


  At summer solstice, the white sun symbol at the Chaco Canyon site known as Wijiji 931 is illuminated by a shaft of sunlight.

The triangle of sunlight, shown here striking the white sun symbol and evolving into a long shaft of light, is a short-lived phenomenon. It begins just before 8 in the morning on summer solstice and ends 38 minutes later, creating three-dimensional illusions and connecting the white sun symbol to the adjacent red petroglyph. While there is currently no scientific evidence that this event of light is a deliberate sun-marking construct of the Anasazi, it is beautiful and moving to witness. Whether deliberate or not, it continues to inspire those of us who were lucky enough to witness this summer solstice event of light in modern times…
For additional details, see Janet Saad-Cook's 1983 report on this phenomenon.

Beginning time 7:54am MDT 22-June-1983    
    Ending time 8:32 MDT  


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