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2010 Lecture, University of Oregon School of Architecture
    "Sun Drawing" Public Lecture by Janet Saad Cook
    Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Sun Drawings
by Artist Janet Saad-Cook



"…the forms and colors are endlessly suggestive, spread out or ephemeral, nimbus-like. "


Eleanor Munro,
Originals, American Women Artists



"…the object of Janet Saad-Cook's art is to produce…a sudden opening of the mind …to an unnoticed aspect of the natural world … nature's coherence and endurance beyond decay and chaos.




I've found Saad-Cook's thinking and her light systems deeply suggestive, for ... they link the three orders of nature - humanity, the earth, and the sun - into a techno-esthetic continuum to outlast any single day or life. "

Eleanor Munro,
Originals, American Women Artists


"The awareness of our human connection, brought to light through our shared experience of the earth and sky, can be a healing step in our journey towards peace.

The cycle of the sun, the experience of the sun's dance with the earth, is constant, and all beings who have ever lived on the earth share that cycle in some way. Connecting with this cycle connects us on deep levels with each other, beyond all barriers of time, space, race, or spiritual belief.

Together with the ancients and all future generations, we touch the sky as one human race."

Janet Saad-Cook


Sun Drawing Projects





What is a Sun Drawing?

A Sun Drawing is a changing image of light, marching across the viewing space, ever changing, but returning to mark the hours, the days and the seasons.

Sun Drawing instruments, made with space age materials, spring to life on sunny days turning any room into an art gallery. As sunlight touches the instrument, the surrounding walls and ceiling become the canvas for a profusion of brilliantly colored, ever changing images.

On a sunny day, the artist's studio comes alive with Sun Drawings
Several Sun Drawing instruments sit on the floor in the patch of September sunlight.

To create a Sun Drawing, artist Saad-Cook shapes and assembles reflective materials (mirrored metals and optically coated glass) and positions the reflective instrument in a pre-selected path of direct sunlight.

The optical coatings on the glass are multi-layered interference coatings that break light into its pure colors. No pigments are used. The colors in a Sun Drawing are pure colors of sunlight.

Sun Drawing instrument.
The colors of the reflective elements are apparent.

Janet Saad-Cook holds a patent for her Sun Drawing work.
"Sun Drawing" is a registered trademark.

Artist Janet Saad-Cook welcomes serious inquiries.
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