"Prana Pratishtha"

by Janet Saad-Cook(1998)

Sun Drawing for the Withers House*

House as vessel for the art


"Saad-Cook's shifting color fields set off chromatic events that have a life of their own, the colors mixing unpredictably in intensities that depend on the weather, time of day and angle."

Joseph Giovannini, Channeling the Heavens to Create a Painting of Light, The New York Times, November 25, 1999

  The requirements of the Sun Drawing dictated the design of the central space of the Withers House. The south facing Clerestory windows allow many hours of Sun Drawing activity to appear during the fall and winter seasons. One of the reflective instruments, suspended from the ceiling, is visible at top center.  


Various images appear at different times of the day as sunlight washes across the reflective elements. 

The dark background is a result of the limitations of the photographic process. In reality, the walls are white.


Sun Drawing Viewed from above
Later in the day the images begin to disappear. Note the difference between this image taken at 2:15 pm and the one above left taken just before noon. 

From this perspective, one of the reflective elements and its mounting are more apparent. The lower Clerestory windows seen here play no part in creating the Sun Drawing.


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