"Prana Pratishtha"

Details of the art and the house

Changing, ever changing, with the travels of the sun

These images illustrate the changes in a detail of the Prana Pratishtha Sun Drawing during a three hour period. As the sun moves across the reflective elements, various parts of the Sun Drawing come and go, grow brighter and change, until finally the whole image fades away as the sun leaves the room. The last vestiges of the Sun Drawing linger like the Cheshire Cat's smile growing fainter and fainter as if they can not bear to leave.

The Withers House

The Award Winning Withers House was designed by McInturff Architects in collaboration with the Artist to create a central space in which to display this Sun Drawing. The Clerestory windows at the top of the central section allow the sunlight to reach the reflective instruments for as long as four hours every sunny day.


All the elements of a Sun Drawing are present in this view of the inside of the Withers House -- sunshine, an opening for the sun to reach the reflective instrument, the reflective instrument itself, a surface to receive the image, and the resulting image.


Reflective Instruments

The reflective instruments that form the images are ceiling-mounted on an adjustable quadropod.

A view of the central space shows how the suspended Sun Drawing instruments harmonize with the vertical design elements of the space.


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